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Good Guardian Philosophy

Good Guardian takes some of the best sales techniques from million dollar entrepreneurs, combines leading online and offline marketing techniques and adds in working models from the coaching industry.  The result? A leveraged law business for the new century.

It’s not 1810 anymore, why is the legal industry still functioning like it is? My great-grandfather is not my client, yet I’m still servicing clients the same way. It’s time to bring the legal industry into the 21st century.  It’s time for the old mindset about estate planning to be replaced with a new mindset for Good Guardian Planning.

We need a new vocabulary. There’s too much stigma around “estate plan” and “revocable trust.” As attorneys we know these are basic tools that nearly everyone should avail themselves of.  Yet, the general public still views estate planning and attorneys as things to be dreaded.  It’s time that changed.

Many people these days look at the internet, think about their planning and say to themselves, “I should be able to figure this out.”  As attorneys we understand why they shouldn’t or can’t, but it’s up to us to appeal to people’s desire to understand what they’re doing and why. Good Guardian Planning does just that.

Good Guardian Attorneys “teach” their clients.  They seek to educate when they speak. They don’t try to instill fear.  Good Guardian Attorneys explore their clients’ worries and hopes, and help to paint a picture not of mayhem and destruction, but of possibility and desire.  They work with their clients to accomplish their goals, they don’t fit their clients into a one-size fits all plan.

People look forward to getting their driver’s licenses at 16, vote at 18 and drink at 21. Why not also look forward to being a Good Guardian as an adult? There’s absolutely every reason to make Good Guardian Planning a cool thing to do. A desired thing. A sought after thing.

That’s what we’re up to here. We’re here to help you have the practice you want, that serves you and your clients. And while we’re at it, we might just revolutionize the legal industry in the process.

If you’re in business for yourself, love your practice, have the income you want, take all the vacation you desire, and have enough downtime, then Good Guardian isn’t for you. I suspect, though, that if you’ve gotten this far it’s because you’re searching for something else. Something different.

Maybe you’re in business for yourself because you pictured a certain lifestyle of being able to make your own hours, and now you’re finding that you’re making your own hours alright… all of them. What happened to morning golf in the good weather? Time for writing or reading? Or leisurely vacations on the beach, or time with family? Instead, you’re out networking nearly every morning, vacations are interrupted with blocks of work to keep the machine humming, and family time is what comes between the work day, and the late night email catch-up sessions.

Or maybe you’re looking for that way of working that will let you seemingly clone yourself so you can hit the illusive $1 million dollar mark as a one-man shop. You’ve been grunting it out for years, and are seeing that it’s just not possible without a partner or at least someone Of Counsel. The numbers just don’t work.

And in all this, you’ve probably thought to yourself more than once, “There has got to be a better way.”

Welcome to the better way. Welcome to Good Guardian.

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