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Good Guardian® Philosophy

We see news headlines all the time that tell us about the use and need for Estate Planning:

  • “Prince Left Millions, and No Will”
  • “Local Parents of Infant and Toddler Killed in Overnight Crash”
  • “Robin Williams Estate to be Distributed According to a Private Trust”
  • “Family Back in Court Today, Fighting Over ….”

You get the idea. I’ve read these same stories. And when I read them, I hear the same subtext: “Estate Planning is for other people. I don’t need to worry about that. I mean, I have a mortgage and credit card bills, not an estate!” Maybe you’ve been thinking the same thing. You’re right. You DON’T need an estate plan! But you do need a Good Guardian Plan.

If you’re here you’ve probably got an inkling that you should do something. And most likely, if you’ve been thinking about finally getting your Will or Trust done for a while now, possibly one of a couple things have stopped you.
“I just don’t have the time.” Access to the internet makes it seem as though we should be able to figure out the whole planning thing on our own. But once you dive in, you start to feel that Estate Planning is a complicated and overwhelming process. Figuring it out is hard, and you’ve already spent hours trying.

Working with a lawyer doesn’t seem like the answer either. Surely that’s going to be expensive and take even more time. Any lawyer you’ve ever talked to didn’t seem to speak English. You’ve tried to listen and understand, but within minutes it’s just too much and your eyes were glazing over. They just didn’t seem to understand you or your family.

Or maybe you’re stuck on something. Who should take care of the kids? This one is hard. Your children are your life. Their future is everything. This decision, above all others, is the decision you want to get right. You want your children to thrive and flourish, to share your values, and be great citizens of the world with every advantage possible. That’s a heavy burden to ask of someone.

This is where Good Guardian Attorneys come in. It’s time for a change in the world of legal planning for families. It’s not the 1800s anymore, and yet the legal industry is mostly still functioning like it is. We need a new vocabulary. Attorneys as collaborators and partners in protecting your family, not over-priced tax loophole specialists for the rich and famous.

Good Guardian Attorneys respect and “teach” their clients. They don’t try to instill fear. Good Guardian Attorneys work with their clients to accomplish their goals, they don’t fit their clients into a “one-size fits all” plan.