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Client Benefits

Back in 2008 I hurt my back pretty badly. I had a massive herniation of the disc, and really through no fault of my own. It literally just happened in my sleep one night. I woke up and had massive pain shooting down my right leg. I decided to grab a heating pad and plan to binge watch Netflix for the day.

The pain got worse and worse, until I finally went to the ER. The doctors there talked about all sorts of things it might be – words I didn’t really understand. Their final advice was to follow up with my primary care physician on Monday.

I was in my doctor’s office the minute they opened on Monday morning. He also didn’t seem to truly understand what was going on and thought there was really no need to worry, it would probably resolve itself.

When it didn’t, I was sent for an MRI and referred to a neurosurgeon with a focus on back injuries. And that was the gold.

I had a massive herniation in one of my lower discs. The only treatment was surgery. The neurosurgeon was exactly who I needed to work with. He was able to speak clearly and concisely about exactly what was going on in my back. We discussed treatment options. When I told him my outcome goals, he knew exactly what to recommend.

It was an incredible sense of relief to have finally found someone I had confidence in. I was still in pain, but after what was the longest week of my life, I felt as though the end was in sight.

Why do I tell you this story? Because this is what it’s like working with a Good Guardian Attorney. Not the back injury and surgery part, but the confidence, trust and relief of finally finding the exact right person to work with.


Think of all that time spent searching for just the right attorney to work with. The first hour I had with that neurosurgeon gave me so much more value than all the time with incorrect people. If you’re going to be planning for your family’s future, you want to work with the exact right person for the job. No more wasted time searching.

What’s more, working with the exact right person also saves time in the planning process. The neurosurgeon was able to have a correct diagnosis with minutes, and a working plan in less than an hour. What’s more, I was on my way to healing with a few days.

Good Guardian Attorneys have tools and systems in place to help you get your Wills or Trust done with only a few hours of meeting time. Gone are the days of meeting after meeting after meeting over months. Who has time for that? Good Guardian Attorneys are able to have everything done, start to finish in just a few weeks. And your Good Guardian Attorney will keep things on track so nothing gets stalled along the way.

Confidence Through Understanding

In my ordeal with my back, I was stuck because I couldn’t figure out what to do and the doctors I talked to initially didn’t have any good advice to give me. Similarly, your Good Guardian Attorney will help you get unstuck. You don’t have to have everything figured out before getting started. Helping you navigate decisions and options is exactly why you choose to work with a Good Guardian Attorney.

The best part is that you’ll have confidence in your decisions because you’ll understand the process every step of the way. Good Guardian Attorneys talk with their clients, not at their clients. They speak in English, not legal-ese. Your eyes will not glaze over minutes into your conversation.

An Attorney for the 21st Century

I often comment that it’s no longer the 19th century, and yet the legal industry still functions like it is. Good Guardian Attorneys are bringing the practice of estate planning law into the current day. Through different models of working with their clients and utilizing modern technology, most Good Guardian Attorneys are running their businesses in ways that serve you, not requiring you to fit into an antiquated law model.

This means working with your Good Guardian via teleconference, video conference, and in group workshops instead of one-on-one, saving your time and money, and giving you the benefit of other people’s experiences.

Working with a Good Guardian Attorney just makes sense. It’s like finally finding the professional you were hoping for when you really didn’t know which way to turn. You’ll eliminate overwhelm, and be confident in the plan you’ve put together.